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Contacting ReadNotify

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Help us to help you

We receive a lot of emails here everyday. Please help us by:

  • Ensuring that you are writing to us from the email address you have registered with us (and which your query relates to).
  • Only sending your query once - we do answer your messages as quickly as possible.
  • If your query is in regards to ActiveTracker, let us know what operating system, email program and browser you are using.
  • Include any error messages you have received.
  • Attach any receipts or other messages received from us regarding your account.

Email us

If you cannot find the answers to your query from the information links on our site, please email us:

  • - for anything relating to accounts and payments
    Please attach any receipts, expiry notices or reminders relating to your query
  • - for affiliate, reseller or publicity-related assistance
  • - if you are experiencing any problems using
    Remember to include any error messages you have received, as well as giving as many details as you can regarding the problems you are experiencing.
  • - for general assistance
  • - for business or corporate quotes etc
    Include approximate details of the number of emails you may send each year / how many users / and the type of mail-outs you intend to track.
    (Please note that we do not allow our service to be used for sending unsolicited bulk email)
  • - to opt out from receiving tracked email via our site
  • - if you have forgotten your password